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Slab Leak Detection and Repair
This slab leak was in a clients basement.

Slab Leak Detection Services
We Can Detect & Repair Slab Leaks

A leak in the plumbing within your concrete slab that your home or building sits on is known as a "slab leak".  This is not really a plumbing problem anybody wants to have but it can be fixed!  Slab leaks do happen, and when they do, early detection is very important so you can repair the problem before it creates extensive damage to your home or costs you a fortune for all of the water you're wasting.   A slab leak left undetected and un-repaired (and they often do go undetected for a while) can get very expensive, very quickly.

How Do You Know If You Have A Slab Leak?

Because slab leaks happen within the piping inside your concrete slab they aren't always very easy to detect.  It usually takes specialized equipment to locate the leak and then even more specialized equipment and knowledge to repair the issue.

Here are a few obvious signs that you might have a slab leak.

  • Your water bills have been unusually high
  • You notice a decrease in water pressure throughout your home
  • Your hot water heater is constantly running
  • You have water pooling outside your slab where it shouldn't be
  • Your carpet or flooring is damp and wet with no other visible source

Unique Plumbing & Drain, Inc. is a full service plumbing company based out of Akron and serving the surrounding area.  We specialize in slab leak detection and slab leak repair using a variety of methods and the latest in technology.  If you believe that a slab leak might be your problem we can come out to your location and run through our leak detection checklist and then put our high-tech equipment to work so we can pinpoint the exact location of the leak and determine the best and most cost effective method for repair.

Here are a few more details on these slab leak signs

Water Bills Unusually High

If you are used to pretty regular water usage and all of a sudden it spikes without anymore significant usage this is sign that you might have a slab leak.  A high water bill coupled with a few more of these signs below and it's very likely you're dealing with a slab leak.

Decrease In Water Pressure Throughout Your Home

If one tap or faucet has a decrease in water pressure there could be various reasons for that, unrelated to a slab leak.  If you notice low pressure in all of the taps and faucets throughout your home or building it could be a pressure tank problem, but it could also be a slab leak that is constantly allowing water to escape through the leak and decreasing your available water pressure.  If you can match this sign with a few others on this list, a slab leak could be your problem.

Your Hot Water Tank Is Running Nonstop

If you have hot water lines running through your slab and there is a leak in the line it's going to constantly run your hot water tank.  If you notice any warmer or hotter areas of your floor and your hot water tank just keeps on running then it's possible you're dealing with a slab leak involving a hot water line.  These must be located and repaired with urgency as you are doing damage to your home, wasting water, and costing yourself a small fortune in electricity.

Water Pooling Around Your Slab

If you notice water regularly pooling up around your home or building slab and it's continually showing up there, especially without any rain then you might have a slab leak.  The water has to exit somewhere and will create surface pooling where it ends up exiting the slab.

Your Carpet Or Flooring is Damp and Wet

Slab leaks can contribute to your flooring materials soaking up moisture.  Carpet, laminate, and hardwood, can all be destroyed if they are exposed to moisture for prolonged periods.  They will become soggy, and mold and mildew follows soon behind.  You'll know when a slab leak affects your flooring as the musty smell is unmistakable.

How Do You Fix A Slab Leak?

Slab leaks aren't the easiest to fix and depending on the location and the size of the pipe there are a few ways that we can repair it.

#1.  Trenchless Epoxy Liner - With an epoxy liner we avoid any extensive "trenching" on your slab.  We can insert the epoxy liner into the affected pipe using compressed air.  This creates a new pipe inside of the old pipe that has a leak.  We need an entry and an exit point in the pipe for access.  This is the ideal method when this type of repair is possible and will save you money over exposing the pipe in the affected area and repairing it.  With a liner you're essentially getting a new pipe instead of a spot repair on one small section.

#2.  Jack Hammer Up Your Slab And Replace The Leaky Pipe - This method involves jack hammering out the affected areas of your concrete slab to expose the piping within.  The affected pipe can be replaced, new base laid down, and we can pour concrete over top.  You'll need to have a flooring contractor replace any flooring that needed to be ripped up for the repair.

If you think you might have a slab leak in your concrete slab for your home or building give us a all (330) 928-1272 or fill out our online contact form and we'll get right back to you.