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Hydro Jetting & Sewer Jetter Services

Hydro jetting or sewer jetting services are often required with stubborn drains and sewer lines.  If you'd had a camera inspection completed and your lines are really dirty and clogged up with built-up solids, or scale and rust, or tree roots then a hydro jet cleaning is probably the best solution.  This aggressive method of environmentally friendly cleaning drain and sewer lines can remove all of the grime, scale, and grease built up within your pipes.  With a hydro jetter, no harmful or caustic chemicals are sent down your lines, a hydro jetter works off the power of water.

What Problems Can Hydro Jetting Solve?

  • Drains clogged with FOG (fat, oil or grease)
  • Drains clogged with tree roots
  • Drains clogged with rust and scale or other build up
  • Drains clogged with baby wipes or toiletries

Unique Plumbing & Drain, Inc. is a full service sewer and drain company based out of Akron and serving the surrounding area.  We specialize in hydro jetting services for cleaning out sewer and drain pipes.  If you have a clogged drain line our experienced technicians will be able to identify the problem using our sewer cameras and then we can decide if hydro jetting is going to solve your problem.

If your pipes or drain system is clogged and we can determine through a camera inspection it's not due to a collapsed or broken pipe then hydro jetting is usually the best method of repair for clogs deep in your system.  The high pressure streams of water from the hydro jetter will literally cut right through the debris and restore your system so it's free flowing again.

Will A Hydro Jetting Cause Damage To My Pipes?

No, it's aggressive enough to take care of the clogs but gentle enough it's not going to destroy your piping.  If you have a really old sewer system or drain pipes made out of clay or orangeburg then the hydro jet can certainly accelerate any deterioration but if your pipes are concrete, cast iron, or plastic (pvc) the jetter won't cause any damage.

If you’d like to request hydro jetting service for your sewer or drain lines please call (330) 928-1272 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get right back to you.