Drain Camera Inspection Akron

Sewer Camera and Drain Inspections

Drain Camera Inspections Akron

Do you have a drain that is causing problems for you?  Drain problems aren't something that can be easily fixed on your own without specialized equipment to locate the problem.  There are a number of different reasons you are having drain problems and we can help you diagnose the problem and offer solutions for repair.

Drain Camera Inspections Can:

  • Quickly identify the problem area of your drain.
  • We'll be able to tell how to repair the issue.
  • We record a live video feed of your drain line.
  • Camera inspections provide peace of mind during real estate transactions.

Unique Plumbing & Drain, Inc. is a full service sewer and drain company based out of Akron and serving the surrounding area.  We have the specializes camera equipment to complete sewer and drain line camera inspections.  If you’re having problems with your drain system our experienced technicians will be able to identify the problem using the latest technology and provide you with options for a good quality repair.

Problems Commonly Identified With Drain Cameras:

1. Buildup of Tree Roots: One of the most frequent issues uncovered during drain camera inspections is the intrusion of tree roots into pipes. Roots seek out water sources and can exploit tiny cracks or joints in the piping, leading to blockages or even significant damage. These inspections help pinpoint the exact location and extent of root intrusion, facilitating targeted repairs.

2. Clogs from Non-Flushable Items: Items such as baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, and other non-biodegradable materials can cause severe blockages in the drainage system. Despite some products being labeled as "flushable," they often do not disintegrate like toilet paper and can accumulate, leading to clogs that are difficult to clear without professional help.

3. Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG): FOG can solidify inside pipes, reducing flow and eventually causing complete blockages. These substances are notorious for their ability to adhere to the interior walls of pipes, attracting other debris and forming stubborn clogs that are challenging to remove without professional intervention.

4. Broken or Collapsed Pipes: Over time, pipes can deteriorate due to various factors such as ground movement, heavy vehicular traffic above ground, or simply aging. Drain camera inspections can reveal areas where pipes have broken or collapsed, which is crucial for planning the most effective repair method.

5. Corroded Piping: Metal pipes, in particular, are susceptible to corrosion over time, which can lead to leaks, restricted water flow, or pipe failure. Camera inspections can identify the extent and location of corrosion inside pipes, helping to decide whether repair or full replacement is necessary.

6. Misaligned Pipes: Ground settling or improper installation can lead to pipes becoming misaligned. This misalignment can restrict flow or create areas where waste collects and clogs form. Camera inspections can identify these issues, which might not be evident from above ground.

7. Foreign Objects: Occasionally, unexpected items can find their way into the drainage system, causing blockages. These can range from children's toys to tools or other objects accidentally flushed or dropped into drains. A camera inspection can locate these objects precisely for targeted removal.

8. Pipe Scale Buildup: In areas with hard water, mineral deposits can accumulate inside pipes, gradually narrowing the diameter and reducing water flow. This scaling can be identified through camera inspections, indicating the need for descaling or pipe replacement.

Drain camera inspections are a powerful diagnostic tool, offering a clear view of the condition inside pipes and drains. This technology enables plumbers to accurately identify and address issues with minimal disruption to the property, ensuring that repairs are both effective and efficient. By understanding the common and not-so-common problems that can affect plumbing systems, homeowners and businesses can take proactive steps to maintain their drainage systems and prevent major issues.

How Does The Drain Camera Inspection Work?

When you call us with a sewer or drain issue that needs a camera inspection to solve, we'll quickly dispatch a member of our team to your home or business.  When we arrive we'll ask you to show us the affected are (if it's obvious).  We'll need to know the locations of any drains, clean-outs, or bathrooms so we can decide on the best point of entry.  Generally we want the camera to go directly in the drain or clean-out that is closest to the problem area.

If you're having a problem with your drain or sewer system our experienced technicians will be able to identify the problem in your pipes using our state-of-the-art drain camera system.  You can watch on the live feed from the camera as we discover the problem in your drain pipes and we'll be able to explain the problem to you.  The video feed is extremely helpful when making the decisions as to which repair method will be most appropriate.

Do you need your drain inspected with a camera?  Are you buying a home and want the drains inspected?  Give us a call at (330) 928-1272 or fill out our online request form if it's not an emergency and we'll get back to you right away.