Faucet Repair and Replacement Akron

Faucet Repair and Replacement For Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Laundry Rooms.

We Replace Leaky Or Old Faucets In Akron Ohio

A leaky faucet is one of those small but annoying plumbing problems and unfortunately it's really common.  Sometimes a leaky faucet can be repaired but other times a leaky faucet needs to be replaced.  We also have customers contact us who want to replace old or outdated faucets in their home or business.  We can help you with all your faucet needs.

Unique Plumbing & Drain, Inc. is a full service plumbing company based out of Akron and serving the surrounding area.  We specialize in faucet repair, faucet replacement, and new faucet and sink installations.  Whether you're doing a remodeling project in your kitchen or building a new laundry room, or remodeling your master bathroom we can help you find the right faucet.

Types Of Faucets We Repair & Replace

  • Bathroom faucets
  • Kitchen sink faucets
  • Laundry room faucets

Faucets Brands/Makes We Can Repair/Replace

  • Delta Faucets
  • Kohler
  • Moen
  • Kraus
  • Pfister
  • American Standard
  • And more!

4 Signs You Need A New Faucet

#1.  Your Faucet Is Leaking

A leaky faucet is annoying and when left unchecked they are a giant contributor to wasting water.  If your faucet is constantly leaking and no matter which way you turn the handle it's not slowing down or stopping then it's likely a problem within the faucet.  There could be a broken or missing oring or there could be corrosion or one a host of other issues that can go wrong with an older faucet.  We can usually offer a repair or replacement.

#2.  Your Faucet Is Old & Dated

Does your kitchen look like it's straight out of the 80's?  A really affordable upgrade is to install a new kitchen faucet from anyone of many of the different designer brands.  Kohler, Moen, and Delta, all have beautiful, modern, and functional faucet choices, with many offering lifetime warranties.

#3. Your Faucet Is Rusty Inside

Do you find that your faucet handles sometimes sticks or is hard to move?  This is often due to corrosion (rust) that has built up inside of the housing over many years.  This is especially common with very cheap faucets as the materials they use aren't of the same quality as the more popular brands.  If you have a rusty faucet the best course of action is to just replace it.

#4.  Visible Mineral Deposits

This is more common for homes or buildings that are on well water or have hard water but mineral deposits will build-up inside of your faucet.  Not only will this make your water taste funny but it will degrade performance of the faucet and eventually impede the flow of water.

If you’d like to have us repair, replace, or install a new faucet in your home or building please call (330) 928-1272 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get right back to you.